Susan K. Murphy, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Chief of the Division of Reproductive Sciences in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University Medical Center.  Dr. Murphy has secondary faculty appointments in the Department of Pathology and in the Duke Nicholas School of the Environment, Division of Environmental Science and Policy.  The Murphy Lab is studying ovarian cancer biology, including ovarian cancer stem cells and dormancy, the establishment and maintenance of DNA methylation in humans and how epigenetic deregulation is associated with neurodevelopment and disease. 

Time lapse microscopy of HEYA8 ovarian cancer cells.  These cells were plated in cell culture media, and photographed at 5-minute intervals over an 18-hour period.   Watch closely (after most of the cells flatten out) to see many of the cells detach from the dish, round up, and divide.  Our lab is studying the growth of ovarian cancer cells under different growth conditions, which we hope will help us better understand how ovarian cancer is able to metastasize.  An Olympus VivaView FL Incubator Microscope was used for these images at the Duke University Medical Center’s Light Microscopy Core Facility.  

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